Wiring the Social Economy is calling for sponsors to help fund our event. Why your sponsorship matters:

  • Wiring the Social Economy will reach social entrepreneurs and community builders of diverse backgrounds and technology gurus from across the region, developing the capacity of several sectors in working togethers to make a difference for people and communities.
  • Registration fees cover half of expenses and most labour is donated by a team of community volunteers.
  • Sponsorship keeps registration affordable and the conference accessible, increases arts and culture content, and supports community building programming (such as on-site lunch).

We have three levels of sponsorship.

Conference Sponsors – $1000

The conference sponsor is a major partner who helps make the event happen by keeping it affordable, accessible, and culturally rich for building community.

This level of support is acknowledged with:

  • Prominent recognition on the website and other promotional materials
  • Top of banner recognition at registration
  • Special thanks made to all participants during the introduction of the event

A package of 5 free registrations is provided to the sponsor as well.

Community Building and Culture Sponsors – $750

The community building sponsors increase community and arts content of the event by providing dedicated funds for either an on-site lunch or arts and culture content.

Recognition is provided:

  • at the point of delivery (at the lunch or with cultural programming)
  • on the website and during thanks and acknowledgments at the event

A package of 3 free registrations is provided as well.

Friends – $250

Friends demonstrate a high level of support for the vision of developing the capacity of the social economy and are recognized on the website and at the registration table.

To help sponsor this exciting and dynamic conference or to learn more about Wiring the Social Economy please contact: