There are a few ways to get involved with Wiring the Social Economy.

  1. Register to attend. We encourage you to come ready to pitch a session, demo, workshop, presentation, or help with one, though this is not mandatory. All attendees are expected to be participants. Sessions will be scheduled the morning of December 4, so prepare your session in advance and come early to make sure you get a time slot.
  2. Volunteer. We need your help! Take a look at our wiki to see what we need, then RSVP as a volunteer and let us know what you want to do. If we still need folks in your preferred capacity, you’re golden – otherwise we’ll get back to you with other volunteer opportunities.
  3. Sponsor. We are calling for sponsors to help fund Wiring the Social Economy. Your sponsorship means we can reach out to more communities, keep registration fees low, increase arts and culture content, and offer perks like in-house lunch. We have three levels of sponsorship, and your help is deeply appreciated.