Wiring the Social Economy is a project initiated by Steve Williams.  The conference intends to build on themes developed during the recent Vancouver ChangeCamp, namely: How can we help government become more open and responsive to  citizens? How can we as citizens organize to get better outcomes ourselves?

Steve first took his thoughts to the web – starting with this blog post.  Soon others joined in on the vision and a solid group of energized and impassioned community volunteers began to steer the vision into reality.  Through an online wiki and regular meetings, the unconference structure, keynote speakers, sponsorships, and all the other details (big and small) began to fall into place.

Everyone involved believes that by working together within the principles of community  economic  development – equity, diversity, collaboration, participation – we  collectively have the potential to generate, and accelerate, sustainable  community development. To learn more about this project, contact us.  Or better yet, attend!